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The Problems We Solve

You and your team are specialist in what you best. Focus on that.

Outsource the rest.

We are specialists in sales and marketing. Businesses come to us who want talent, processes and technology already working and ready to go. 

Attract More Prospects

Eliminate dry-spells. Imagine prospects chasing you, instead of you chasing them.

Close More Sales

Quit cold calling. Bidding only on price Taking any client that comes.

Tech Overwhelm

Apps. Internet. Mobile, and more… They will not make your job any easier.

Reliable Quality Talent

What if we took away the challenges of managing staff?

How We Solve Them

We begin with a conversation. A free initial consultation..

Just as you are consultants. So are we.  For over 20 years.

Opterre knows what it takes to build and grow a practice. 

Our first step is to understand your situation. Analyze the best options.  Then, suggest a prescription to fill any gaps in your sales and marketing efforts.

But we take it a step further. If we agree, Opterre will implement and manage those recommendations.  We don’t just recommend, then walk away.

This approach assures you have to the right solution and that we’re committed to your success.

Attract More Prospects

Opterre re-builds your brand image, highlights your expertise, uses traffic generating methods to build your audience, then talks to them, consistently.

Close More Sales

Opterre provides “master closers.” As sales pros, we’ll take care of your ptich, sales copy, call scripts, and manage complex demos and proposals.

Tech Overwhelm

Opterre’s “technology stack” is tested and integrated specifically for sales and marketing functions of practices like yours. With Opterre, it’s included.

Reliable Quality Talent

You get a dedicated account expert.. Consider them your head of your Sales and Marketing. That person manages all the HR work for you.

The Results


“I wanted to thank you… I'm not a sales and marketing guru. You've made it possible for me to focus on what I do best... ”

Scott Hagedorn, Food Scientist

“Michael Walker is a consultants' encyclopedia. His knowledge, and expertise has given me confidence ... my guru "ol wise one" has shown me ways to attract business...”

Traci Askew, PR Firm

“(We) were just saying that you took our ideas and vision and put it all together. Of course your professional touch and expertise gives us an excellent service. Thank you again so much for all your hard work and effort. I really enjoy our collaboration.”

Raj Rajendra, Oncologist

“(We) were just saying that you took our ideas and vision and put it all together. Of course your professional touch and expertise gives us an excellent service. Thank you again so much for all your hard work and effort. I really enjoy our collaboration.”

Raj Rajendra, Oncologist

“I'm not a great sales person. I really believe in my business, but asking people to believe in me was really hard. Having Mike and Opterre represent me, nearly gave me the confidence to start my business.

Christopher Reed, Cyber Security Consultant

Common Questions

What Are Your Services?

We are your sales and marketing departments. Simply, we work to attract people to you (marketing) and then, those who are interested and are a best fit for you, we convert them to clients (sales).

What kind of results can I expect?

The characteristics of your market, your service, the "buy cycle," and your current audience impact your growth numbers.

But we usually see a range of 10% to 60% per year growth.

We managed to a specific set of key performance indicators which are written into our service level agreements to you. Consider it like a warranty.

But you should expect a larger presence in your market. More sales and better clients.  

What businesses are best for outsourcing?

Our clients are not experts in sales and marketing, but realize that they are essential to the life of their business.

Here's a common story told to us:

The business owner buys several apps, hires freelancers, or contracts with a specialty firm. But the owner finds that these apps and services tackle only a part of the sales or marketing function.

They don't see results that they hoped for.

So, budgets are reduced in sales and marketing because there's little return seen.

Then, business starts to slow down or becomes erratic, or the owner takes on clients that they normally would not.

Resulting in more frustration, loss of growth, and an unhappy business.

So, if you're wanting to grow your market and make more and larger sales, but are not sure what to do, AND you want to leverage a team of experts at lower budget point, then you're an ideal business for outsourcing with us.

Do You Work in My Industry?

If your business delivers a service that relies on upon knowledge, methodologies, and/or systems to solve client’s problems, then we’re a fit for your business.

Most of our clients come from these markets:

  • System Integrators and VARs
  • Software and “x” as-a-service companies
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare (Care Delivery)
  • Education
  • Financial Services (investment and insurance agencies)
Who will I be working with?

You will be assigned an Account Executive who has responsibility to deliver sales and marketing functions on your behalf.  Consider that person your Director of Sales & Marketing.  This person, in turn, assembles, conducts and orchestrates specific sales and marketing services.

Can I Hire Just One Person from Your Team?

Unfortunately, no.  We are not a staff augmentation firm. As a "solution shop" we bring together people, process and technology together as one solution and service.

We cannot assure high performance results if we're just adding people to your existing team and process. 

You can, however, hire our marketing or sales teams separately.  


Can I license your apps?

Unfortunately, no.  We are not the license holders. Rather, we researched, tested and integrated the best apps for sales and marketing. You will not need to license them as you would be working under our services.  Plus, it would be very costly for you to license and manage them individually.  We bring economies of scale which lowers overall costs. We pass that savings on to you. 

But you do own your data, and at any time you wish to leave our service, we will give you a file of all those contents.

How Much Will This Cost?

Please consider this an investment, not a cost.  That is, imagine investing $1.00 and getting over $1.50 back. That's a 50% return.  If that opportunity was presented to you, would you take that offer?  

With our solution, greater capabilities to attract customers and close more sales.  You're also getting lower costs through economies of scale - less tech costs, less staff overhead, cheaper advertising, and more. 

But to give you a guesstimate, our starting package is $4997 per month for very small and early stage businesses. More established business usually spend 25% to 45% of their revenue on sales and marketing. We've been able to reduce that.

So, let's improve your percentages.

P.S., if our solution is beyond your budget, join our newsletter.  From time to time, we offer free self-service resources which will help your practice. 


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