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About Opterre

What is “Opterre?”

The name is a mashup of “optimum” (best), and the French word “terre” (or land). The meaning implies that we offer tips, tools, and techniques to help you become your best as a successful professional adviser (think consultant, coach, or freelancer), but grounded in reality.

That is, we don’t oversell, over promise, nor make extravagant claims. We do not offer any get-rich-quick programs. Instead, through our “field guides,” our courses, our support, and our coaching, we’ll increase your chances of reaching your goal of running a successful practice.

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About the Founder

Hi! I’m Mike Walker, President of Opterre. I have over 20 years of consulting experience – from working in the “Big 4” to my own individual practice. Over my career, I’ve helped firms I worked at earn over a $100M.

I’ve got the “requisite” degrees and certifications. But don’t think that you have to have them to be a successful professional advisor. It helps (and in some professions, it’s legally required), but they are not THE critical skills necessary to run a business. I’ve experienced what works, and what doesn’t. If we start this journey together, I’ll share that knowledge with you.

My mission is to help at least 2000 people start up practices while knowing that someone has their back as they move up the pinnacle of success. 

My team and I hope you’ll take a look at our guides, resources, and services, and find that you get real, measurable value.

As life is a journey, I look forward to seeing you on the trail.

Michael (Mike) Walker, Founder, President & CEO

Michael Walker Portrait

"Mike is a great coach, leader and mentor. His game theory approach always ensured that I focused on coaching and motivating others for mutual success." - Ab Doukali

Ab Doukali

"Mike’s philosophy is to create an environment where one can be successful.  Working with him, I knew I had someone looking out for me."  -Shaveta Wadhwa

Shaveta Wadhwa

"I've worked side-by-side with Mike on a number of occasions.  Mike knows consulting better than anyone.  He can show what it takes to become a solid consultant." - Erik Gerard 

Erik Gerard

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