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“What degree do I need to be a business consultant?” “What training do I need to do consulting work?” “What companies should I look at to work for to be a business consultant?” “How long should I work with that company?” “When should I start looking for a business consultant position?” “When should I start my own consulting business?”


Opterre, a consulting company that helps business consultants get started, realizes there are many questions around a business consulting career, the top one being how to get started. We help those ready to start their own business consulting career get started. Contact us today!




  • Is not straight.
  • Is different for everyone.
  • Has many twists, turns, and even pivots and wrong ways.
  • Entails red lights, yellow lights, and green lights.
  • Has a mind of its own.




  • Big 5 Consulting agencies. The big firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, and Bain & Company are huge companies with well defined career path and trainings. There is also a lot of competition for promotions and the better teams.
  • Boutique consulting firms. These business consulting firms are smaller and more specialized. There is more opportunity for real growth, more contact with the senior consultants, which makes great networking opportunities, and more contact with clients.
  • Consulting divisions of product or service companies. Companies such as IBM and Oracle have consulting divisions focused on selling their parent company’s products. Great training, but still a lot of bureaucracy and policies. Furthermore, you may not like offering solutions that may not exactly meet the client’s needs.
  • Independent business consultant. Starting and running your own business consulting firm, the independent business consultant has total creative control, ground-up learning opportunities from running all aspects a business, direct work with clients, and best of all, no profit sharing! Opterre specializes in coming alongside those who choose this business consultant option.


Once you’ve chosen a career path, it’s time to begin. You’ll want to find your niche. What do want to focus on? Who do you want to help? The more specialized your niche, the more money you’ll make. Are you interested in Human Resources, IT, Social Media, or Sales? Then from there, specialize even more. Are you interested in being a business consultant for restaurants? Do you want to consult others in how they can leverage social media? Know your audience inside and out. Then go and find your clients! Start your work, charge what you’re worth, invest in yourself, and your business will grow as fast as a baby chick.


Everyone is different. That’s what makes this world interesting. How one successful business consultant got started probably won’t be how you get started. We hope you start today with Opterre. As a top rated business coach and business consultant, we listen to all your needs and offer up solutions to help you and your business grow. No matter at what step you are at in your business consulting career, we can help. Contact Opterre today!