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We didn’t quite make the fifteen minutes of fame, but, we did get five!

Below is the founder of Opterre, Mike Walker, and his interview with Bob Roark of the Business Leaders Podcast. Bob’s mission with the Business Leaders Podcast is to “function as your digital mentor so you can build the business you want so you can live the life you dream about.”

The podcast is about an hour long. Mike goes into detail about why he founded Opterre, its mission to help consultants, and the critical key steps to start up a consultancy.

You’ll find the interview on iTunes, Stitcher and on the Business Leaders Podcast site. Or you can download it here.

Mike really hates the sound of his own voice but hopes you’ll give this podcast a listen as it’s important to get you started on the path to consulting.

Check out Bob’s other podcasts. You’ll find even more to learn.