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Key Takeaways

  • This article assumes you started your practice
  • You tapped friends, relatives and associates for your initial business
  • But how do you generate more leads?
  • Check out these tips below

In this blog post, here are some guidelines to follow, as well as some inside tips to move your new consultancy into a thriving business. You’ve leaped into a new career, and it’s time to land it on the right foot!

After Launching Your Consultancy

Launching your consultancy is more than just printing business cards, developing a website and starting email campaigns to everyone you know that you’re now in consulting.

So, let’s also assume that you’ve already:  

  • figured out what is your target market, and how you plan to engage with that audience
  • developed your business plan, and completed your business legal paperwork
  • built your website and your initial marketing systems to get noticed

Also, you’ve defined how to deliver that consulting expertise for your initial clients.

But how can you deliver great engagements, yet keep leads coming in at the same time?

This question has to be answered in order to hit the ground running.

Where Are Your Next Customers or Leads?

Now, let’s assume that your business sign is on the office door (even metaphorically speaking is OK).

Keep a Balanced Focus

New consultants can be easily side-tracked when launching their business. Their emphasis is on getting their first, second, and third clients.  So very often, the business side of the consultancy, like getting your next lead, takes a backseat.

Try not to let this happen.

If you do. you’ll fall in to the “feast or famine” trap.  That is, when you’re delivering 100% of your time to a client, you’re feasting on those revenues.  But you’re not selling.  And when you’re 100% selling to your market, then you’re starving because you have no revenues because you have no leads. 

It is essential when hitting the ground running that you can balance out these two situations.

Grow Lead Generation

While you are working with clients, we advise looking for another round of clients at the same time.  Although, we don’t recommend this approach as you could productize your service, consider this simplistic scenario as your daily work routine – give 6 to 8 hours to your client and 2 hours to lead generation.

Here are some tips to help you think about finding your next leads:

  • Crafting a well thought out “landing page” that answers your ideal client’s most pressing concern
  • Engage where your market niche is. For B2C companies that’s likely Facebook.  For business clients, it’s probably LinkedIn.  Participate in their groups.    Don’t do so occasionally.  Contribute value.  You will get some notice.
  • Write about or freely suggest compelling solutions to problems that most businesses experience in your niche
  • Create more “authority” in your domain. Add new lead generation content: an infographic, a checklist, a research finding, an explanatory (how-to) video, or a new blog post on a site
  • Just ask. Ask for referrals from your network.  Who else is your client associated with who might be struggling with a similar issue like your current client. We find that this simple technique is one of the most effective, yet rarely done.
  • Host a webinar. Most webinars are between 100 and 200 attendees. And out of those 46% will take your offer. That’s pretty effective if you’ve built up an audience.
  • Partner with someone in a complimentary area who has a large network that you can be introduced into.

Build responsive lead generation systems

Templatize your engagement methods. Use the right technology to help you succeed in consulting. To compliment lead generation, start with these necessary business communications tools.  Use your mobile phone to its full extent. Equip it with apps for:

And if you’re tech-savvy, use Zapier, which integrates all your apps into seamless customer responsive, business function. If you want to see all the tools we’ve vetted and found useful to consultants, you can download it here.

Engage Quickly

  • Develop effective calls-to-action. If someone downloads some content from your site, how fast do your systems reply with a “thank you!”? If they call, how soon do you return the call?
  • Have your templates ready. Have a standard contract template or proposal description template ready to go. You might only have to make small changes for a new client with similar needs.
  • Offer insightful value in conversations, but make sure it fits your unique value proposition.
  • If you already have a client, walk the halls of your clients. Apply LERA techniques.

We concede that these tips to get more leads are easier said than done.

Opterre consulting business helps new consultants become successful in their industries. We do this by providing you with insights, knowledge and practical steps to help you understand the services to offer for your own practice. It’s this valuable knowledge that can help to get started on the right foot,

If you’d like to get started, then contact us here for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.